PLEASE READ THIS PRIOR TO APPLYING TO ADOPT:What do I need to do to adopt a Bulldog? First do your research! English Bulldogs are high maintenance and can be expensive to care for. After you have researched the breed and decided a bulldog is for you click here Get Application for an application. Once that is received you will be called by a volunteer and interviewed at which time we will set up a home visit. The home visit is just to ensure the environment is safe for a dog. Be sure to have locks on fence gates, be prepared to purchase a crate etc. Once the home visit is complete and you are an approved adopter we will try to match a bulldog to you. It is important to note, our dogs are rescues and most come with issues, many require medications for life and it is rare we get young dogs or puppies. Most are adults or Seniors. This process is not quick, our group operates with only volunteers so please be patient. This process could take up to and over a month. In addition, we have adoption fees for each of our dogs. These fees help pay for the vetting of ALL the dogs in the rescue and they are not negotiable! Some of the dogs we get are medical nightmares while others may require little to no medical care. Adoptions fees do not cover all of the expenses so we also have to raise funds and we accept donations as well.


San Antonio Bulldog Rescue will not accept owner surrenders due to aggression with dogs or people. If your dog is aggressive or has behavioral issues contact a trainer.

Owner Surrenders please note: We do not accept the following dogs as owner surrenders: Olde English Bulldogs, Aultman White English Bulldogs, Victorian Bulldogs , American Bulldogs, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs or other bulldog mixes. We only accept pure bred English Bulldogs (AKC Registration is not necessary)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Welcome Bella Ann to SABR - ADOPTED

Bella is a 4 or 5 year old English Bulldog, she is very sweet.  She likes to snuggle right up next to you and she gets all wiggly when she sees you.  Bella is small at only 34 lbs, she is a bit underweight but should not be any bigger than 40 lbs.  Bella is spayed and current on vaccinations, however she is Heartworm Positive. Her heartworm treatment is scheduled for May 6.  Her adoption fee is $600, only Texas applicants please.


  1. Interested in adoption, can you please contact me 2103132645, Jerry.
    Thank you

  2. Please complete the application to start the process. Thanks!